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Abrasive caps

If you want to perform a manicure or pedicure, you need to equip yourself with the right tools to make this activity more manageable and make the result meet the expectations of the woman who will undergo these treatments. Unfortunately, this makes it necessary for women to visit a professional beauty salon. Usually, it is the beauticians who use such tools as abrasive caps, including conical and cylindrical abrasive caps, or so-called hybrid caps. They have the tools to make a professional manicure and pedicure in a moment, and the effect is stunning. In our shop, you can find various tools and accessories: hybrid removal caps, abrasive pedicure caps, cylindrical abrasive caps, hybrid removal caps and other milling caps.

Hybrid caps and pedicure caps

Nail polisher – its durability and reasonable price distinguish Filen nail polisher. Thanks to the investment in modern machinery we can offer reliable and cheap polishers at the same time. They are available in granulations: 100/120, 120/150, 150/180, 300/600. We offer white, pink, blue and yellow polishers.

Do you want to have nail polishers with your salon logo? 

You can order them from us. The minimum order quantity is 800 pieces. Before placing an order, please contact us so that we can design polishers that will not only appeal to your customers but will also distinguish your salon.