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Delivery and payment

Methods of payment

Making an order in our store, you can choose to pay with credit or debit cards, via your PayPal account. Filen Ltd. does not handle any credit card numbers. There is no extra charge for card or PayPal on the side of the customer.

Delivery time

The total delivery time is the time needed to prepare the order (it is up to 72 hours – on business days) and the time needed for the shipment to arrive, which depends on the sender’s address and the courier company.

The order preparation time is counted from the moment the funds are credited to the store’s bank account.

Please be advised that in periods of increased purchases, e.g. in the pre-holiday period and in periods of promotions / discounts, the time needed for the parcel to arrive from our warehouses may be longer.

ATTENTION!! For orders over 200 items, the waiting time for the preparation of the package may be 5 business days. Also in the case of personalized orders (printing), the order preparation time may be extended.

Files4Nails is not responsible for any delays incurred due to international customs issues, nor unclaimed parcels.

Delivery costs

The ordered products are shipped via a courier company. The costs of delivery to the country of your choice are presented in the tables below. All delivery costs are given in euros and the price depends on the weight of the shipment.

If you need more detailed information on shipping costs regarding a specific weight of the order, which is not included in the table, please contact us.

Please be advised that some orders, mainly to countries outside the EU, may be subject to additional customs duties, for which Files4Nails store is not responsible.

*At the same time, we reserve that shipping costs may change.

 up to 3 kg3 kg – 10 kg10 kg – 31,5 kg
Austria15 EUR18 EUR19 EUR
Belgium15 EUR18 EUR20 EUR
Czech Republic11 EUR14 EUR19 EUR
Denmark16 EUR18 EUR19 EUR
Estonia15 EUR18 EUR22 EUR
France18 EUR22 EUR23 EUR
Lithuania12 EUR14 EUR19 EUR
Latvia14 EUR15 EUR21 EUR
Luxembourg15 EUR18 EUR21 EUR
The Netherlands15 EUR17 EUR21 EUR
Germany14 EUR16 EUR19 EUR
Slovakia13 EUR14 EUR19 EUR
Slovenia17 EUR21 EUR29 EUR
Hungary13 EUR16 EUR24 EUR
 up to 1 kg1kg-2kg2kg-3kg3kg-4kg4kg-5kg5kg-6kg6kg-7kg7kg-8kg8kg-9kg9kg-10 kg14kg-15kg19kg-20kg29kg-30kg
Belarus, Norway, Switzerland50 EUR62 EUR73 EUR85 EUR96 EUR102 EUR108 EUR114 EUR121 EUR127 EUR146 EUR164 EUR208 EUR
Canada51 EUR65 EUR76 EUR88 EUR99 EUR106 EUR113 EUR120 EUR127 EUR134 EUR156 EUR177 EUR227 EUR
Israel55 EUR69 EUR84 EUR97 EUR111 EUR119 EUR128 EUR137 EUR147 EUR155 EUR183 EUR211 EUR260 EUR
Austarlia, New Zealand60 EUR77 EUR95 EUR111 EUR128 EUR139 EUR151 EUR163 EUR174 EUR186 EUR225 EUR266 EUR334 EUR
  up to 7kg 7kg – 8kg 8kg – 9kg 9kg – 10kg 14kg – 15kg 19kg – 20kg 29kg – 30 kg
Finland, Spain, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Italy 21 EUR 23 EUR 24 EUR 25 EUR 28 EUR 32 EUR 37 EUR
Bulgaria, Romania 20 EUR 22 EUR 23 EUR 24 EUR 27 EUR 30 EUR 36 EUR
Greece, Ireland, Portugal 21 EUR 23 EUR 25 EUR 26 EUR 29 EUR 32 EUR 38 EUR