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Polishing Blocks

Abrasive blocks, nail polisher block

A beautiful manicure and pedicure can only be done with the right tools. These include special nail polishing blocks, the so-called polishing blocks. What are they used for, and how do they differ from nail files?

Many of our customers ask us this question. The blocks are used to matt and polish the nails. They are also used to remove the too thick layer of acrylic or gel. They are used to model the tip surface. Usually, polishing blocks are used to smooth the surface of the nail plate, eliminate any scratches and other irregularities that typically arise while using a file. The polishing block smoothes the surface, and the file shapes the nail, which makes the two objects very similar to each other.

Manicure blocks

We offer a large selection of nail polishing blocks at attractive prices, which are perfect for manicure and pedicure. Our natural nail polishing blocks give the impression of transparent nail polish. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, and if necessary, we can provide professional advice and assistance.

We produce 4-sided nail polishing blocks in two colours, white and pink. They are soft, comfortable to use and durable, so they last a long time. Each polishing block can have a different level of granulation from 120-240