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ADDitional information

Nail file, double-sided (grits available: 80/100, 100/100, 100/180, 150/150, 180/180, 180/240, 240/320) used for natural nail plate as well as to work on other nail extension or shortening techniques.

Product with corundum coating. It is manufactured in a unique technology involving the use of stearate, which prevents clogging of the abrasive material on the file.

PEN series is characterized by smaller dimensions, thickness, and different rigidity. Friction parameters and durability remain the same.
Files can be ordered separately packaged in a foil case.


What is the difference between the STANDARD PEN line and STANDARD PEN – SLIM line?

STANDARD PEN – SLIM files are definitely thinner and stiffer than STANDARD PEN files. They are about 2 mm thick.

Do you need a different granulation? Do you have questions? We invite you to contact us. 

Can I order files with my logo? Yes. The minimum quantity is 800 pieces; then the price is about 0.08 EUR. 

BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, please contact us via e-mail shop@files4nails.com to calculate the amount due. To the first order – in addition to the cost of printing – we add the cost of producing the template. It is possible to prepare a print on a smaller number of files.