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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, and we wish you pleasant shopping experience.

Manufacturer of nail files and abrasive caps

We have many years of experience in production, thanks to which today we offer the best nail files in accordance with European standards. We are distinguished not only by the low price, but above all by the quality. Our production facility is equipped with machines in which we constantly invest in order to provide our Customers with perfect files, caps, polishing blocks and other cosmetic accessories.

The best nail files

We are known as a reputable nail file manufacturer of the highest quality. The combination of quality and low price has been achieved thanks to many years of investments and experience. Today our files, nail blocks, caps and graters are used in beauty salons all over Europe.

Our products are used by specialists who appreciate the precision with which they were made. The files are designed in such a way that their use is comfortable, handy and facilitates everyday work. A wide selection of shapes and levels of granulation allows you to choose a file to the preferences of each of our Clients.

Good nail files

We only produce good nail files. We offer them in two categories: STANDARD PEN and PREMIUM. The STANDARD PEN line is our cheap nail files, the PREMIUM line is our best nail files. We offer files for hybrid nails, gel, acrylic nails as also files for natural nails. Among our products you will also find polishing blocks and abrasive blocks

Cheap nail files

In our industry, low price matters, so for many years we have been looking for the best solutions to be able to combine the best quality with the best price. Today we have achieved this. We offer the cheapest nail files in Europe, and at the same time we offer the highest quality. Check out our file and polishing block prices!