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ECO SLIM – BANANA nail file – kit 50


ADDitional information

Premium Files – ECO SLIM with an exceptional thickness of 1 mm, designed for nail processing, shaping, and modeling work on acrylic or UV gel. It can also be used to smooth and dull the nail plate.

Grits available: 80/80, 80/100, 100/100, 100/180, 180/180, 180/240.

One colour, one granulation in a package. Save time and money by buying in packages. The highest quality, the lowest price.



Do you need a different granulation? Do you have questions? We invite you to contact us at shop@files4nails.com.

Can I order files with my logo? Yes. The minimum quantity is 800 pieces; then the price is about 0.08 EUR. 

BEFORE PLACING A CUSTOMIZED ORDER, please contact us via e-mail at shop@files4nails.com to calculate the amount due. To the first order – in addition to the cost of printing – we add the cost of producing the template. It is possible to prepare a print on a smaller number of files.