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ABRASIVE CAPS – carborundum – kit 10


ADDitional information

Durable semicircular abrasive caps. 

Semi-round, waterproof pedicure and manicure abrasive caps are used to remove calloused skin. They are also used during nail lengthening, shortening, filing and smoothing of gel and acrylic mass. 

Pedicure caps: 5 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm. 

Coating: high-grade carborundum. 

Colour: brown.

Standard granulations: 

thick – 80,
medium – 150,
fine – 280. 


Do you need a different granulation? Do you have questions? We invite you to contact us via e-mail shop@files4nails.com.

NOTE: For orders over 1000 pieces, the delivery time may be longer.